About the artwork on my site:

Almost all of the images used on my site are made from a “text-to-image” AI called Midjourney. Here are the images and their corresponding “prompts.”

The Woman Who Walked Around the Moon

Midjourney Prompt- 22 year old woman adventurer that is walking around the moon in a spacesuit with her robot dog…

Sentience and the Ranger

Midjourney Prompt- space cruiser with solar sails flying over the surface of the moon- point of view is from a space ranger wearing white body armor standing on the moon…

The Morganti Clone

Midjourney Prompt- space fantasy twin princesses who are clones and live in a floating tower…

Seventy Taylor and the Guardians of Gliss

Midjourney Prompt- female space adventurer wearing western holster belt with a pair of space pistols…

The Tapestry

Midjourney Prompt- Inside a monastery a blindfolded nun weaves her dreams of a war into a tapestry on a huge loom…

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